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Brand NEW Voice Control built in 3D Speakers
Talk to your massage chair for functional commands rather than using the controller. No other massage chair in the market includes this brand new innovative feature. Awaken the voice command function with the words “Hi Alice” with a list of 17 commands to choose from such as, “Comfort Massage.”, “Go little up.” and “Open the air pressure.”

Brand NEW Built-in Ion Air Generator
Ion air generators are used to remove dirty particles from the air. The built in Ion Air Generator was designed for the users health in mind, allowing for clean breathing and Oxygen with just the press of a button.

Brand NEW Rotating Wheel Controller
The built in rotating wheel remote allows for easy to use full control of movement functionality. Rotate clockwise in order to adjust backrest and leg rest upward. Rotate counterclockwise in order to adjust backrest and leg rest downward. It really is that easy.

Zero Gravity
In the zero gravity position, the seat moves to the ideal 120 angle, distributing body weight and reducing pressure on the body to deliver the ultimate in comfort. Move the chair into its zero gravity position to remove all stress on the muscles and experience a weightless sensation. Choose from 3 different zero gravity positions.

Adjustable Head Pillow
Adjustable double sided head pillow for optimal comfort.

Built in Heating function for soothing body heat. This helps with blood circulation and muscle relaxation.

Enjoy music and phone calls hands free with this simple and easy to use Bluetooth feature. Sit back and relax in as you listen to your favorite playlist. The combination of soothing massage therapy and wireless audio provides a truly one of a kind experience.